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Malaika Mihambo success with Herzsprung

Malaika Mihambo success with Herzsprung

Malaika Mihambo success with Herzsprung
Malaika MihamboMalaika Mihambo, the Sandmaster brand ambassador and winner of the gold medal in the long jump, has been making children mobile since the schools, sports grounds and playgrounds were closed and offers a small sports program for at home on her YouTube live channel every day together with the “Starkmacher” club. The offer is primarily aimed at primary school children, but of course anyone who feels like it can take part.

On YouTube, she currently presents small challenges and tasks for the children every day at 10:00 am under a regularly changing motto. “Especially in these times movement is so important for the children, the children need distraction, structure and in the best case they learn something”, says the 26-year-old athlete.

We can only recommend this program for children and are thrilled with how much joy and commitment Malaika creates the program, live from home from your living room.

Malaika Mihambo is a great hope for the Olympics. Due to the crisis it was postponed to next year and therefore she still has a hard training year ahead of her. When Malaika will be able to start training again is not yet clear, but it could be soon.

More hygiene in the playground with KotStop

More hygiene in the playground with KotStop

More hygiene in the playground with KotStop


The most efficient and natural way to prevent dog and cat excrement in places like sandpits, parks and green spaces. Kot-Stop helps you to effectively protect the desired areas. The concentrate is natural, environmentally neutral and absolutely harmless to humans, animals and plants. It acts on the animal’s (cleanliness) instinct thanks to a natural scent.

More hygiene in the playground with KotStopEFFECTIVENESS

The active ingredient contained is mixed with natural and nature-identical aromatic substances with a strong smell and taste of meat. By applying these meat aromas to surfaces to be protected, e.g. pavements, lawns in parks or the sand of children’s playgrounds, the treated area smells to dogs and cats like the food in the bowl. Since dogs and cats are known to never “go to the toilet” where there is also food, they do not do so on the treated areas either. Since the water-soluble active ingredient washes into the soil very quickly and thus loses its effectiveness, the product was bound to a non-toxic and thus harmless carrier substance.

The result is very good adhesion properties, so that the effect lasts for several weeks (approx. 2 to 3 weeks). Repeat the spraying process until the animals avoid the location.




  • Playgrounds (sand or gravel)
  • Long jump pits, beach volleyball courts
  • Beach sections
  • Parks / green spaces


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Sandmaster is the market leader in mechanical sand cleaning. For you in Germany, France, Sweden and many other European countries.

Sandmaster supports Malaika Mihambo

Sandmaster supports Malaika Mihambo

Sandmaster supports Malaika Mihambo

Sandmaster supports Malaika MihamboMalaika Mihambo won World Championship gold for Germany in Doha (Qatar) in October 2019 with a fantastic 7.30 m long jump. Then she was awarded as Sportswoman of the Year 2019, which are only her current successes.

Sandmaster congratulates Malaika and wants to support her for at least the next two years. We are convinced that we will see much more of this exceptional young talent. And we have more in common than it seems, but more about that later…

Sandmaster cleans and maintains sports surfaces such as sand, gravel, synthetic surfaces and artificial turf. The areas tartan track / run-up track as well as the sand filled jumping pit are not only immensely important for children’s and leisure sports, but even more so for top athletes such as Malaika Mihambo. Malaika not only needs the perfect grip at the inrun, but also sand that has been aerated and cleaned according to the #sandmaster method, which guarantees protection against falling and thus reduces the risk of injury.

We are happy that we can work together with Malaika for the next two years and keep our fingers crossed for the next events!

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The first sand cleaning was mentioned as early as 1839

The first sand cleaning was mentioned as early as 1839

The first sand cleaning was mentioned as early as 1839

A very funny find has amazed us all here:

The first machine for cleaning sand and gravel was mentioned in the “Fürther Tagblatt” in 1839! Since the old text is quite difficult to read, here in plain text:

“The time of invention for the general benefit of mankind has come and is spreading through all branches; a machine has now only recently been invented by a royal road master, which is said to be of the greatest benefit in respect of the cleaning of gravel and sand, and by this means considerable savings can be made.”

the first sand cleaning was mentioned as early as 1839

Even at that time it was known that this represented an enormous saving. Whether this was a direct ancestor of SANDMASTER at the time remains uncertain, but the machine at that time was invented by a “Wegmeister Fr. St. v. Hofmann” who was a highly respected man at the time because of this machine and was also repeatedly commissioned by the government of Upper Bavaria.

Who would have thought that sand cleaning machines had been around for so long? If we had been around back then, it would have been quite complex: Cleaning according to the #sandmaster method, combined with #artificial turf cleaning #runwaycleaning.


Source Images+Text : Google Books (free version)


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