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Sandmaster water machine HDR200 – Perfect cleaning of small areas

Sandmaster water machine HDR200 – Perfect cleaning of small areas

Water machine cleans playground

The Sandmaster development department masters the methodical design and conception in every detail. We develop and build our machines ourselves and can thus contribute years of experience to achieve an optimized result.

Our patented HDR 200 cleaning unit likes to demonstrate its skills where space is tight. From a width of 1.10m, our machine can easily pass and do its job: Freeing the plastic surfaces from moss, algae and dirt particles restores the ground’s grip, restores the drainage effect and thus also extends the useful life. Not to mention the excellent visual result: the floor shines again in new splendor.

See HERE the differences before and after a Sandmaster cleaning.

We clean, among other things:

  • Running tracks / run-up tracks (synthetic floor)
  • Tennis courts / small playing fields (synthetic surface)
  • Playgrounds (synthetic surface)
  • Access roads / forecourts / passages (concrete or stone floor)

Our machine works exclusively with clear water and due to the permanent water supply with a hose system (C-connection or 3/4″ tap) a high pressure is possible.

Do you also want to make your plastic and concrete surfaces fit again? Then contact us, our competent technical advisors are at your side with advice and support.

In order not to pollute the surroundings of the cleaning areas, our dirty water extraction is combined with the fresh water supply in a closed system. This means that the dirt is picked up where it is generated.

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