Malaika Mihambo success with Herzsprung
Malaika MihamboMalaika Mihambo, the Sandmaster brand ambassador and winner of the gold medal in the long jump, has been making children mobile since the schools, sports grounds and playgrounds were closed and offers a small sports program for at home on her YouTube live channel every day together with the “Starkmacher” club. The offer is primarily aimed at primary school children, but of course anyone who feels like it can take part.

On YouTube, she currently presents small challenges and tasks for the children every day at 10:00 am under a regularly changing motto. “Especially in these times movement is so important for the children, the children need distraction, structure and in the best case they learn something”, says the 26-year-old athlete.

We can only recommend this program for children and are thrilled with how much joy and commitment Malaika creates the program, live from home from your living room.

Malaika Mihambo is a great hope for the Olympics. Due to the crisis it was postponed to next year and therefore she still has a hard training year ahead of her. When Malaika will be able to start training again is not yet clear, but it could be soon.

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