Sandmaster celebrates its 30th anniversary

Malaika Mihambo with Sandmaster sand machine

Wendlingen – Sandmaster GmbH celebrates its 30th anniversary. Almost 40 years ago, inventor Rainer Maurer developed a revolutionary method for mechanical sand cleaning. With the patented machine and the TÜV-certified “Sandmaster process”, the company today stands for state-of-the-art technology, sustainability and for the safety of children and athletes throughout Europe.

During a walk on the beach in 1982, Rainer Maurer had the decisive idea: instead of always replacing contaminated sand on playgrounds and in jumping pits, there had to be a method to clean the available sand. Because even then, sand was expensive and a limited resource, but essential on playgrounds and in jumping pits. After the first experiments, the Swabian tinkerer found out that aerating the sand as well as extracting waste led to the sand “recovering” and then having the same quality as new, exchanged sand. A groundbreaking solution that was not only financially but also ecologically forward-looking.

Maurer then developed the prototype on which sand cleaning is still largely based today: A cleaning machine that picks up the sand, transports it upwards via an elevator and sieves it. During this sieving process, the sand is simultaneously aerated so that bacteria from the soil, exposed to oxygen, can no longer survive. The machine was built, tested and a patent was applied for. A partner who believed in the idea was also quickly found for the financing: Dr. Gerhard Mayer-Klenk, who was already active on the market in the field of swimming pool additives with the company “Chemoform” at the time.

Sandmaster was founded in 1991 and from a small “tinkerer’s workshop” an innovative company emerged. With more than 150 employees across Europe and comprehensive cleaning concepts, Sandmaster is now a partner for municipalities, building yards, sports clubs, property management companies, daycare centres and kindergartens. The areas of application range from playgrounds, beach volleyball courts and long jump pits to entire beach sections, indoor sand and gravel pitches. The spectrum is now extended by RAL-certified cleaning and repair of artificial turf surfaces such as tennis courts, golf courses, football pitches, multifunctional pitches, hockey fields and stadiums, as well as the cleaning and repair of synthetic surfaces such as running tracks, inrun tracks, multifunctional pitches and play areas. Stone and concrete surfaces can also be cleaned with the same technology.

With each new development, the engineers pay attention to functional technology and durability as well as to environmental protection. This is because the certified Sandmaster process is a sustainable alternative to costly replacement and is more in demand today than ever before: Cleaned sand corresponds to new sand in terms of quality and protects the environment because, among other things, numerous truck journeys for transport become unnecessary. The company’s pronounced awareness of the future and the environment is also reflected in forward-looking technologies such as depth measuring systems, resource-saving further developments and alternative drives. “We have never stopped developing the machine further based on the experience gained over the years. Today, we are researching alternative drives as well as energy-saving motors and cleaning units for very small playing surfaces,” reflects managing director Christoph Mayer-Klenk.

So much has changed in 30 years, but one thing has remained the same: The motivation to find a solution for every challenge with team spirit, cohesion and inventiveness. This is also the case for the anniversary in these turbulent times: Sandmaster wants to act responsibly and therefore refrains from a big celebration. Nevertheless, there will be some highlights in the anniversary year; the company will provide more information about this on its website and on YouTube.

Video Sandmaster-Story “30 Years” painted in sand:


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