Cleaning with the Sandmaster process is important


Sand on playgrounds and sports facilities is subject to strict hygiene regulations. Regular cleaning is therefore essential to ensure the safety and health of everyone who comes into contact with it.

The most important specifications are provided by DIN standard 1176, which specifies, among other things, the following for playgrounds:

  • For a drop height (play equipment height) of two meters, the sand fill must be at least 20cm
  • For a drop height (play equipment height) of three meters, the sand fill must be at least 30cm

The standard also specifies that the “playaway effect” on playgrounds must be compensated for and therefore a height of 10 to 20cm must be added to the bulk material (sand). This results in a cleaning depth of at least 40 centimeters! If this cleaning depth cannot be achieved, then this does NOT comply with the above DIN standard!

Can the machines do that?

Only a very few machines manage this depth in continuous operation, but since a lot of bacteria settle in the lower layers, these must also be reached, because anything else is just surface cosmetics and this brings the children neither proper hygiene nor safety through the necessary fall protection.

Our cleaning performance is underpinned by regular scientific sand tests as well as our certified process – the SANDMASTER PROCESS.

With its own development department, Sandmaster designs and uses machines that meet practical requirements down to the smallest detail. At the same time, the certified Sandmaster process is a sustainable alternative to costly replacement: Cleaned sand is equivalent to new sand in terms of quality and protects the environment, since, among other things, numerous truck trips for transport become unnecessary. A clean sweep in every respect.

Sandmaster guarantees a permanent cleaning depth of up to 40 centimeters, machines with low-pressure tires that can drive gently over sandbox edgings and borders, as well as a patented depth measurement as proof, if desired also with an area report on the different sand depths, so sand supplements can be planned exactly for customers.

The “Sandmeister” are pioneers in the field of sand cleaning and today work all over Germany as well as in 15 European countries.

In addition to sand and gravel cleaning, Sandmaster also offers professional cleaning of artificial turf systems as well as plastic flooring and stone and concrete floors.

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