Freshly loosened sandy soils for elephants

The pachyderms also need soft sand

Elephants weigh a considerable amount. In the zoos, however, they often stand for hours on smaller spots, which has a negative effect on the strain on their joints. If the sandy ground is too hard, the feet hurt, so similar to us humans.

Older animals in particular suffer massively from hardened floors and a freshly loosened sand can’t be compared to anything, in fact, after cleaning the sand using the #sandmaster process, animal keepers showed us how delighted the elephants are when they step on the floor, wellness for troubled elephant feet!

Thus, Sandmaster has not only conquered the playgrounds, jumping pits and beach volleyball courts, but also some zoos with large sand areas where elephants, bears or other large animals dwell and depend on soft grounds.

Trärääää, Sandmaster goes wild!

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