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Rely on professionalism and reliability – with Sandmaster

Cleanliness, sustainability, environmental protection, competence and reliability are of utmost importance to Sandmaster GmbH. Through these virtues the company, which was founded over 30 years ago in Wendlingen am Neckar, has made a name for itself not only in Germany but also throughout Europe. The product portfolio of the service provider includes: Sand cleaning, synthetic floor cleaning, artificial turf cleaning, and various repair and maintenance work. In the field of sand cleaning Sandmaster has established itself as market leader for many years. This has been made possible by the technical as well as professional know-how, the cleaning machines developed and manufactured on site and the competence of motivated employees.

Longevity and care of your investments as well as safety for the athletes are the effects of professional high-pressure cleaning of running tracks, run-up tracks and multifunctional courts in the field of synthetic flooring as well as DFB small playing fields, hockey pitches, tennis courts in the field of artificial turf. Not to forget, of course, our high-quality sand cleaning in the area of playgrounds, diving pits, beach volleyball courts, beach sections and much more.

Our “Sandmaster process” is proven, tested and patented.

In everything we do, the environment always comes first for us: less water consumption for the same result thanks to technical developments, special filters to clean the washing water before it is discharged into the sewage system, less fuel consumption of the machines thanks to modern engine technology.

You can find more details directly on our homepage here or by our competent technical advisers.

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