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Green Promise - Sandmaster
For humankind and nature

SANDMASTER focuses on sustainability

How can we make sure that we leave the next generation a world in which they can live long term? We are convinced that the solution lies in values, expertise and innovative strength. This begins with development and that is why we build a large part of our machines ourselves.

Our commitment starts today:

  • Large-scale photovoltaic system as well as a modern pellet heating system on the company premises
  • Use of hybrid and electric vehicles that are charged with solar power
  • Latest-generation vehicle fleet in compliance with current exhaust emission standards
  • Water-saving nozzle and rotation technologies
  • More economical drive models as well as alternative drive methods
  • In the full washing of artificial turf pitches, we have developed a mobile water filter that extracts almost all pollutants from the wastewater to reduce stress on the ground water

We believe that we do more than just clean sand and sports surfaces; Every single day we also contribute significantly to our future – and to that of our children

That is our GREEN PROMISE.

Our biggest contribution to environmental protection


Sustainability: Sand cleaning from Sandmaster

In 2021, we have cleaned 2,200,000 m2 sand in Germany only. This corresponds to about 660,000 m3 at a sand depth of 30 cm. Compacted sand has a sand weight about 1,4 t / m3. This results in a overall weight of 924,000 t.

Sustainability - Sand Weight

924,000 tons
of sand saved. This corresponds to approx
77,000 truck loads.
The calculation is based on the use of a 3-axel-tipper with a possible payload of 12 tons.

We save truck trips

This results in
231,000 truck loads,
saved for the sand exchange.
This includes the removal of old
and delivery of the new
Sand, calculated at 3 transports.

CO2 saving with sand cleaning from Sandmaster

CO2 saved by us:
Emission of 0,86 kg CO2per kilometre driven

0,214 litres diesel saved
per kilometre

(Values calculated via “”)

All details given are approximation. They are nevertheless based on concrete figures. Sand is a natural product and is therefore subject to variations.

Sandmaster Innovation for the Environment

Our water filter removes pollutants from the wash water

The innovative “Water Beast” water filtration system used in the Sandmaster full artificial turf wash almost completely removes pollutants from the wash water.


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