The first sand cleaning was mentioned as early as 1839

A very funny find has amazed us all here:

The first machine for cleaning sand and gravel was mentioned in the “Fürther Tagblatt” in 1839! Since the old text is quite difficult to read, here in plain text:

“The time of invention for the general benefit of mankind has come and is spreading through all branches; a machine has now only recently been invented by a royal road master, which is said to be of the greatest benefit in respect of the cleaning of gravel and sand, and by this means considerable savings can be made.”

the first sand cleaning was mentioned as early as 1839

Even at that time it was known that this represented an enormous saving. Whether this was a direct ancestor of SANDMASTER at the time remains uncertain, but the machine at that time was invented by a “Wegmeister Fr. St. v. Hofmann” who was a highly respected man at the time because of this machine and was also repeatedly commissioned by the government of Upper Bavaria.

Who would have thought that sand cleaning machines had been around for so long? If we had been around back then, it would have been quite complex: Cleaning according to the #sandmaster method, combined with #artificial turf cleaning #runwaycleaning.


Source Images+Text : Google Books (free version)


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